About Us

With well over 250 million square feet applied since 1978, Energex continues to provide exceptional wall systems with its unique chemistry and unparalleled service. Through its many distributors and production outlets, Energex furnishes quality products to its clients throughout the United States and many parts of the world!

Energex offers a variety of systems including, WATER MANAGEMENT WALL SYSTEMS, ONE COAT STUCCO WALL SYSTEMS, DIRECT APPLIED WALL SYSTEMS, EIFS WALL SYSTEMS and our patented ONE STEP TROWELABLE MEMBRANE SYSTEM! These provide the Owner/Design Professional with options needed to fulfil the structural and design elements of their project!

The Energex Team

<br />President

Ed Frobosilo

<br />Customer Service

Devika Persaud
Customer Service

<br />Sales Manager

Cory George
Sales Manager

<br />Color Specialist and Quality Control

Nick Teruel
Color Specialist and Quality Control

Product Support