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Virtually No Waste

The image above is un-retouched, revealing virtually no dropping of material. No wizardry was involved. This new advance is a proprietary mix based on a deep knowledge of available chemistry and 30 years of accumulated insight into the practical matters of application. We are calling it "Next Generation" and it will continue into our entire line of building products.

"A scoop goes a mile."

Great Body

Call it what you want: body, consistency or as some applicators say, its "hang'. Next Generation finish products offer a level of adhesion that makes detail work a breeze. This adds one more time and money saving feature. Details get done quicker and easier, because this feature allows you time to shape a detail without worrying that mix might slip off.

"These finishes just don't fall!"

Fast, Easy Float

A third cost saver for Next Generation are the easy floating finishes. One applicator recently coined the phrase "two-fingered float" to describe how effortless this stage of the process seems. Smooth and fast sweeps in the final stage of finish make the job go quicker.

"We are saving money!"

Remains Flexible
Remains Flexible
The extensive array of Energex® finishes has always been noted for its resistance to stress thanks to its superior flexibility, even the standard grades. This feature remains unchanged with the Next Generation series of finishes. You can continue to expect applications of our new finishes to provide lasting resistance to wind and structural stresses.

15 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Available