Caution and Disclaimer

Notice: If you wish to apply for a warranty, you must do so before your job starts. See Warranty Form for more information.

The following information should be obvious to design professionals, contractors, builders, installers, purchasers and users of energex® materials but please take a moment to review this information and to take an opportunity to remember the importance of sound design and construction practices, methods and materials.

energex® materials are components of construction assemblies and are not consumer products. Serious damage to energex® materials and to the buildings and building components and assemblies into which they are incorporated can result from:

  1. Improper use, application or installation,
  2. Use as part of improperly designed or constructed assemblies or buildings or with defective adjacent materials or assemblies,
  3. Failure to follow applicable specifications, instructions and construction details, or
  4. Other design or construction defects, deficiencies and failures.

Any resulting accumulation of water and moisture in wall assemblies may cause damage to building components including delamination of wall coverings Incorporating energex® materials, deterioration of internal wall components and mold.

energex® sells its materials “as is” and disclaims all liability and warranties express or implied except for explicit limited written warranties issued to building owners in accordance with energex® approved warranty program offerings from time to time. energex® undertakes no responsibility for the quality of its materials except as otherwise provided in its approved warranty program offerings. energex® assumes no responsibility that its materials will be fit for any particular purpose, except as otherwise provided in energex® approved warranty program. energex® will not be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages (including lost profits) arising out of use of its materials.

Please note that some jurisdictions may not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so some of the above exclusions may not apply to you. energex® component materials are intended for application by qualified installers as specified by qualified design professionals. energex® component materials should be installed in accordance with written specifications, instructions, details and applicable code organization evaluation reports under supervision of qualified builders, general contractors, design professionals or independent inspectors. Please see the relevant guide. Although every effort is made to ensure that the information is timely and correct, it is provided solely as a guide to assist the designer, specifier, builder, general contractor and/or installer. The responsibility remains with the designer, specifier, builder, general contractor and/or installer to apply the information provided by energex® properly to specific installations. energex® component materials should be installed only using suitable design and construction methods and with non-defective properly installed and constructed adjacent materials and assemblies.

Performance of the completed building components into which energex® component materials have been installed should be verified by testing and inspection as appropriate, carried out only by qualified persons. It is the user responsibility and obligation to provide for such inspection and testing. energex® component materials are not designed or intended to be able to correct or prevent damage from faulty design or workmanship such as the absence or improper integration of flashing, nor are they designed or intended to correct or prevent damage from other defective components of construction that leak anywhere into the wall assembly. Flashing should always be integrated with the cladding to direct water to the exterior, not into the wall assembly, particularly at potential leak sources. The design/construction professional must take material compatibility and construction sequencing into account when designing a building exterior. Flashings, windows, roofs, doors and other building penetration and termination locations and adjacent materials should be fully evaluated, properly selected and constructed to prevent water entry into building assemblies. The accumulation of moisture behind energex® component materials may result in building damage. Qualified design and construction professionals should strictly comply with specified procedures for mixing, application and integration to avoid ca using or contributing to potential water intrusion problems.

Energex® disclaims, and assumes no liability for on -site inspections, for improper application, assembly, installation or use of energex® materials or any assemblies into which they are incorporated, for incorporation as part of an improperly designed or constructed building, for the nonperformance of adjacent building components or assemblies, for all on-site construction activities (being beyond energex® control), or for any damage including water or moisture intrusion or delamination resulting in whole or in part because of any such occurrences.

Before use, design professionals, owners and contractors should fully investigate energex® materials and assemblies into which they are to be incorporated to enable informed choices as to suitability for a particular project and proper design and implementation.

Purchasers of energex® component materials should share this Caution and Disclaimer information with purchasers or owners of buildings into which energex® materials are incorporated.

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