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The energex® System’s patented One Step Trowel On Membrane is a self-gauging application of a liquid membrane that acts as both vapor/air barrier and adhesive. This patented application produces a level of approximately 1.5 mm membrane and adhesive with standard hand trowel applications. This feature makes drainage system applications fast and easy, saving labor costs of 25% (at least) in efficient application of insulation on air barrier membrane.

One Step Trowel On Membrane* is used as a trowel applied weather barrier/adhesive over gypsum sheathing, USG SECUROCK, Dens Glass Gold and sound unpainted exterior grade wood based sheathings such as plywood and non-veneer boards. One Step Trowel On Membrane* is the latest in energex®‘s line of our Next Generation products. With well over 250 million square feet applied since 1978, energex® continues to provide exceptional wall systems with its unique chemistry and unparalleled service. energex® furnishes quality products to its clients throughout the United States and many other parts of the world. In addition to its NextGeneration products, energex® offers a variety of systems including, WATER MANAGEMENT WALL SYSTEMS, One Coat Stucco Wall Systems, Direct Applied Wall Systems and E.I.F.S. WALL SYSTEMS. These provide the owner/design professional with options needed to fulfill the structural and design elements of their project.

*U.S. Patent No. 8,640,421 B2, Feb 4, 2014

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Education is mandatory. Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers are required to complete MCE mandatory continuing education both by state and by their respective organizations such as the AIA (American Institute of Architects). It is the reason for the Architect-Forum a unique place where design professionals and manufacturers work together to keep you up to date.

NOTE: This course is also approved and recommended for members of InterNACHI–Certified Home Inspectors.

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  4. Then go to: Sustainable Design Through EIFS

energex® and Architect-Forum joined together to bring you this course; the course has been recently upgraded to include more details on EIFS and its values as a sustainable style of construction.

Building Green Since 1978

energex® is proud to offer some of the industry’s most environmentally friendly and energy efficient EIFS. The primary function of EIFS is to encase a structure with exterior insulation . Our methods and materials have been honed in the toughest building market in the world – urban New York. From its start, energex® has worked to save energy, save time, save costs. Today’s EIFS enclosure consists of several layers of material, all manufactured from recycled or easily recyclable materials, the most important of which is the insulation layer. The insulation layer of energex® dramatically decreases heat loss and ensures that cool air stays in, guaranteeing optimal indoor comfort and air quality.

Our newest product, Next Generation, reduces waste, speeds up detail work threefold, adding to our ability to provide superior, long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

energex®products have been able to help produce energy savings of up to 50%. Regardless of your situation, we will help you control your heating and cooling costs, so you will consume less energy and ultimately lessen your impact on our environment. Our expert staff will assist you in determining which product is best suited for your job and how to achieve the most efficiency with it. We can also provide tips on how to best apply the system for the most durable results.

We understand the importance of leaving behind a small eco-footprint. That is why we strive to provide the most energy efficient products available, as well as manufacture our systems from recycled and recyclable materials. But we don’t just stop with our products. energex®is dedicated to taking a green approach to our entire business, including packaging, distribution/shipping and how we conduct business.

Contact us today and see how our decades of green building experience can help your next project.