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The energex® System’s patented One Step Trowel On Membrane is a self-gauging application of a liquid membrane that acts as both vapor/air barrier and adhesive. This patented application produces a level of approximately 1.5 mm membrane and adhesive with standard hand trowel applications. This feature makes drainage system applications fast and easy, saving labor costs of 25% (at least) in efficient application of insulation on air barrier membrane.

One Step Trowel On Membrane* is used as a trowel applied weather barrier/adhesive over gypsum sheathing, USG SECUROCK, Dens Glass Gold and sound unpainted exterior grade wood based sheathings such as plywood and non-veneer boards. One Step Trowel On Membrane* is the latest in energex®‘s line of our Next Generation products. With well over 250 million square feet applied since 1978, energex® continues to provide exceptional wall systems with its unique chemistry and unparalleled service. energex® furnishes quality products to its clients throughout the United States and many other parts of the world. In addition to its NextGeneration products, energex® offers a variety of systems including, WATER MANAGEMENT WALL SYSTEMS, One Coat Stucco Wall Systems, Direct Applied Wall Systems and E.I.F.S. WALL SYSTEMS. These provide the owner/design professional with options needed to fulfill the structural and design elements of their project.

*U.S. Patent No. 8,640,421 B2, Feb 4, 2014

EnerTex is a Medium textured water-based, roller or brush applied 100% pure acrylic coating. EnerTex is a weather resistant coating with a fine texture suitable for coating concrete, masonry, stucco, and acrylic based textured finishes. It is utilized as well for changing the color of an energex® finish or simply brightening the original color of an existing finish.

EnerShield is a fully formulated, premixed water based acrylic copolymer roll on membrane. EnerShield is used as a roller applied air / weather barrier over Gypsum sheathing, Securock / Dens Glass Gold and sound unpainted exterior grade wood based sheathings such as plywood, non-veneer boards and CMU and masonry. For use on other substrates, contact energex® for specific written approval. All Joints must be reinforced with a 4” wide strip of Enermite 4.5 mesh.